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Beautiful Snowbank Lake

Beautiful Snowbank Lake

Snowbank Lake is a 4,400 acre lake located approximately 20 miles east of Ely, MN. Snowbank Lake is situated on the edge of America’s true wilderness. The northern half of the lake is located within the border of an American outdoor treasure, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). Although partially located inside of the BWCAW 25 horse power or smaller motors are allowed on the BWCAW side of the lake. The non-BWCAW portion of the lake is accessible with any horse power motor. The remote beauty of Snowbank Lake also offers canoeist a BWCAW entry point (entry point #27) access and several portages to other BWCAW lakes. Snowbank Lake is home to numerous fish species with the most popular including walleye, lake trout, small mouth, northern pike, and the rare and elusive silver pike . Snowbank Lake also has an abundant baitfish population of ciscoes. The lake is approximately 150 feet deep at its deepest point with many varying depths, rock structures, points, reefs, and islands of various sizes. 98% of the shoreline is owned by the government as part of either the Superior National Forest or the BWCAW. Snowbank Lake has been lightly touched by commercialization and population which provides a remote wilderness experience for you.


The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) is a 1,098,000 acre park for canoeist, trail hikers, and winter activity enthusiasts to enjoy. Located in the true American wilderness the BWCAW offers an adventurous, unforgettable challenge of self reliance and perseverance. In a wilderness free of signs, roads, electricity, motors, machines, and cell/internet signal the ability to disconnect with the business of life and connect with the quiet solitude of life is unmatched and within reach. If you are looking to take a giant step toward adventure, self reliance, solitude, and achievement let us outfit your canoe adventure.

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