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Ice Fishing Houses

Ice Fishing Houses

Aluma-Lite Skid House

Aluma-Lite Skid House

Ice Fishing Day House

6'x8' 4-Hole Day Ice Fishing House

  • $150/day + tax
  • Includes heat
  • Transportation to & from via Snowdog machine provided if needed
  • Ice fishing flasher available for rent

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Pull Over Shelter

2 Person Pull Over Shelter

• $190/day + tax

• 2 person seating for shelter and Snowdog machine

• Includes Snowdog machine & gas for self transport and ability to change locations on the lake

• Includes heat

• Includes battery powered ice auger

• Ice fishing flasher available for rent if needed

Portable Pop Up

8'x8' Portable Pop Up Tent

Portable 8'x8' Pop Up Tent Style Ice Fishing House

  • $50/day
  • Includes heater with propane
  • You set up and take down
  • We can provide to & from transportation via Snowdog machine for one location if needed for $50
  • Ice fishing flasher available for rent if needed
Snowdog Machine

Snowdog Machine

  • $130/day + tax
  • Includes gas
  • Can transport 2 people at a time
  • Allows you to transport yourself on the lake
  • Must remain ONLY on the lake or lodge parking area
  • Ice fishing flasher and ice shelters available for rent if needed

Ice Fishing Flasher

• $20/day + tax

• Please request prior to arrival