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Canoe Outfitting Rates

***Prices do not include tax, license, and permits***

We offer complete or partial outfitting

Canoe rental includes life vest, paddles, and carrying yoke with pads

Partial Outfitting

2 Person Kevlar Canoe $47/day
3 Person Kevlar Canoe $49/day
Solo Kevlar canoe $36/day
Paddle - straight without canoe $2.50/day
Paddle - bent without canoe $3.50/day
Life vest without canoe $3/day
Meals with cook kit & stove $49/day each person
Cook kit (pots, plates, bowls, cups, utensils) $3/day each person
Gear pack $5/day
Food pack $6/day
Insulated food pack $7/day
Bear barrel with pack $7/day
11.5 Liter Bear Vault $4/day
Tent 2 person with ground tarp $11/day
Tent 4 person with ground tarp $13/day
Tent 5 person with ground tarp $15/day
Tent 6 person with ground tarp $17/day
Sleeping bag $5/day
Self inflating sleep pad $5/day
Canoe/camp chair $4/day
Big Agnes Camp Chair $6/day
Stove - single burner with fuel $8/day
Stove - double burner with fuel $10/day
Gravity water filter $6/day
Map - McKenzie maps $8.50/map
Axe $2/day
Camp saw $3/day
Food pack hanging system $3/day
Tarp 10'x10' $5/day
Tarp 10'x7' $4/day
Garmin InReach device $25 1-3 days $5/day after 3 days

Lightweight Complete Outfitting includes:

• Kevlar canoe

• Life vests

• Paddles

• Carrying yoke with pads

• Tents

• Duluth packs

• Tarps

• Sleeping bags

• Sleeping pads

• Axe or saw

• Stove & fuel

• Meals

• Completely-equipped food pack includes:  food pack, cook kit (pots w/lids & coffee pot),  Utensils (forks, spoons, butter/steak knife), cups, plates, cleaning supplies (dish soap, scrub pad & dish towel, hand sanitizer), griddle or fry pan with serving utensils, food staples (oil, salt/pepper, fish batter, etc.), non-food staples (pot holder, paper towels, foil, matches, & fire starter)

• Large group water container

• Water filter

• "Bear" rope for hanging food packs

• Toilet paper

• One set of trip maps

• Showers upon return

• Free parking on Snowbank Lake at our lodge

 Lightweight Complete Outfitting Price per Person per Day:

3-5 Days

6-7 Days

Each Additional Day





2-5 People




6-9 People